A Day in the Life of Dark Cat

One day on a job like any other me and my family were in a house breaking into the safe when all the sudden there was loud gun shots ringing out from everywhere. Berlin was under a drug war and the guy who lived in this house must have been involved as my family and myself had just all been killed by drug dealers.  As I laid there watching the rest of my family die I couldn’t believe this was how it was going to end. The next thing I knew I was waking up in a dark alley, but something felt off. Where was my family? What happened? 

Somehow, I had survived when everyone else had died, I knew there had to be a reason. Soon I discovered that I had powers to control the cats in the alley. I could use them for my benefit I was sure. But if I could control the cats was there more, so I went out to test my powers and see what all I could do. I found out I had the power of persuasion pretty fast as I could talk any one into giving me anything I needed. There had to be a way I could use these powers to avenge the evil that killed my family and take out the drug dealers in Berlin.  

Nowadays I still wake up in the same alley with the cats, they are my family now. After waking up I head to the gym to work out being a superhero takes strength that I wasn’t born with. I work out for 3 hours a day and then shower at the gym since I live in an alley now. After the gym I go back to collect my cats. Me and the cats walk the streets of Berlin in search of crime. They are my crew and we are on search of the people who killed my family. The cats hear things I can’t and then I persuade people into giving me the information I need.My main goal is vengeance for my family after that we plan to take down the whole drug ring in Berlin. But for now, we look for the men who killed my family.

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